Class 108 DMU

The first of the Class 108 "Derby Lightweight" DMUs emerged from Derby Works in 1958. This large class was developed from the earlier series of Derby Lightweight vehicles built in the mid-1950s. They retained the lower side windows but had a new cab design. The Class 108 design proved to be flexible and reliable in service, built to what became the mechanical standard. In all 333 individual vehicles were constructed, production ending in 1961.

Designed essentially for local and branch line use the Class 108 followed the low density design pattern of the earlier units with the same interior layout. Built on 57' 6" underframes a two car set could accommodate 117 seated passengers.

Update on Refurbishment PDF Print

Thanks to the Gilbert family, The seating upholstery and seat frame repainting has been largely completed, and the seats replaced in the leading coach. Work will continue on the remaining seating.

The ceiling lights have also been refurbished.

The Class 108 Refurbishment PDF Print

The 108 is currently being refurbished and will encompass the seating, seat frames, flooring, walls, roof and window surrounds. The difference is quite frankly, staggering. For years we thought the floor covering was black, but after a good cleaning with Mr Muscle, (other cleaning products are available!) it turned out to be blue. The vehicle should by now have new batteries too. The refurb will move through the two coaches replacing flooring etc where necessary.